Certified Yoga Teachers in Kerala


Ashtanga Vinyasa Certified Yoga Teachers in Kerala

Suddha Anand Yogshala’s Teachers

Certified Yoga Teachers in Kerala – Our concept differs slightly from other schools. Rather than having one primary teacher teaching his sole perspective, we have brought together a few of the most well-respected Gurus. Our Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teachers in Varkala, Kerala, are dedicated wholeheartedly to the well-being of our clients or students. They are brilliant teachers who are incredibly passionate about yoga and have excellent knowledge within their respective fields and beyond. They will provide you with the highest quality education that embodies the yogic philosophies and practices.

Our philosophy teacher is a respectable philosopher and author. The meditation teacher is a master who studied and lived with Osho for many years. Pranayama teacher has been teaching internationally for over 30 years. Nada yoga teacher has released an album. The anatomy teacher is the head of Physiotherapy at a large hospital in Rishikesh. Our highly certified asana teachers have years of teaching experience, incredible knowledge of asana, and the profound healing power of yoga. Each faculty member is an expert in their respective field. Together as a whole, we offer a dynamic team who will be able to help you deepen your practice and blossom into a brilliant teacher.

Yogi Ji Yogendra Mishra (Philosophy & Pranayama)

Certified Yoga Teachers in Kerala

We feel so blessed to introduce our students to Acharya Yogi Yogendra Mishra Ji. He is a renowned teacher, philosopher, meditation, and pranayama master with over 35 years of teaching experience. One of his many accomplishments includes the creation of the International Yoga and Mediation Academy. He receives unique invitations from international Yoga Centre operators with requests for lectures and teacher training. His vast knowledge was acquired through many years of education, personal experiences, and deep meditative practices. He spent years meditating in the Himalayas and was respected as Guru by thousands of professionals teaching around the globe.

Mishra Ji has established many Yoga centers worldwide and has shared his knowledge as a guest mentor in many schools. “Yoga is not a business. Yoga is sadhana; Yoga is union with God,” says Yogi Mishra, “I don’t want to earn money from Yoga Classes. I want to help people out there connect with the supreme power. I am a medium. I have the skill that I want to transmit to thousands of people who are seeking a way to unite with the almighty.” Guided by the spiritual vibrations, Mishraji has decided to donate all funds generated from Yoga classes to a charitable trust.

Certified Yoga Teacher in Kerala:

Yogi Yogendra Mishra holds an MA in Philosophy from Agra University, B.P.Ed. (Physical Education) from Amaravati University and D.Y.Ed. (Yoga Education) from Kaivalyadham Institute for Science and Philosophical Research. He is a certified Yoga Teacher from the Academy of University Grants Commission (UGC). While Swami Shivananda and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spread Yoga as a branch of education in world scenarios at their times, Yogendra Mishra invested his time, skill, effort, and capacity to establish Rishikesh as the Capital of Yoga. Today, the world recognizes Rishikesh as the capital city of Yoga and Meditation practices.

Anyone is seeking truth and wanting a Guru who could answer their questions. One seeking the meaning of life must come and meet Yogi Ji and spend time with him.

Yogi Sachin Garg (Lead Teacher 200 Hr. YTT, E-RYT 200)

Sachin is passionate about teaching yoga and sharing his knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyassa. From the first day, he practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa; it was clear he was a natural “ashtangie.” He immediately connected with the powerful practice and thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful state within him after every class. The balance of power inspired him and resulted in a very dedicated personal practice turning him into the best teacher.

Sachin has taught Ashtanga Vinyassa primary series for approximately two years and has inspired many students. He leads a powerful, dynamic class and teaches from the heart. He is genuinely dedicated to helping students become exceptional Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers. He teaches every posture using alignment cues similar to Iyengar yoga, thus creating a safe, nurturing environment for learning. His teaching style is precise, as he believes proper alignment is the key to mastering this practice without enduring injury. Sachin’s energy is contagious, and he has the innate ability to motivate students so they focus intensely, remain positive, and draw upon their inner determination and strength.

Sachin also teaches Iyengar-based Hatha classes. He recently had the honor of studying under two senior certified Iyengar teachers in south and north India. Both experiences evoked a new level of depth in Sachin’s teaching. He began teaching how to break down a yoga posture into finite elements and reconstruct it again. Sachin enjoys making yoga, especially the challenging Ashtanga Vinyassa series, accessible to everybody. He offers this to his students through various props and posture variations. Sachin’s education includes a B.com from Delhi University and an undergoing BA in yoga and naturopathy at Uttarakhand university. Sachin is registered with the Yoga alliance at the E-RYT 200 level.

Shara Turner (Director & Lead Teacher 300 Hr. YTT, E-RYT500)

Shara’s yogic journey began in 2003 as she simultaneously managed her own business, selling real estate in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2012 she made the very courageous decision to leave her successful career behind so she could follow her passion and desire; she chose to follow the path of yoga. Since then she has studied, practiced, and taught a variety of styles including Iyengar based Hatha, Kundalini, Liquid Flow, The Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, Vinyasa Flow yoga, Prenatal Yoga and the Bikram beginners series. She then went on to study Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda. Shara is the lead teacher in the advanced 300 hour Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda yoga teacher training program at Suddha Anand Yogshala and she also teaches select classes in the 200 hour hatha/vinyasa YTT program. She is registered with Yoga Alliance USA at the E-RYT500 level.

Dr. Anish S Ajayan (AYURVEDA)

Dr. Anish S Ajayan has been an Ayurveda Doctor practicing and teaching Ayurveda since 2012. He did his course and was conferred an Ayurvedacharya from Kerala University. He is practicing ayurvedic medicine and sharing his knowledge of Ayurveda, Anatomy, and Physiology with students approaching him.

He has experience in anatomy related to yogic practices and is also sharing his knowledge on the physiological benefits of Yoga on the human body. Also, he gives a better understanding of your body type, specific problems, and cure of the problems through a combination of Ayurveda and Yoga in equilibrium to maintain your body’s equilibrium. Best reviewed Marma massages are an incredible skill with healing hands.

Dr Anish