First of all, I want to express my gratitude for all the work you did to make this course an unforgettable and nourishing experience. I really enjoy the classes, and I found it was a perfect mix between the Indian side of Sachin and the western side of Shara. I was thrilled with the yoga classes, the alignment lessons, the Guru Ji lessons. This was an intense and nourishing experience in all aspects. The ashram was really nice and had an incredible location. The food was delicious, and Auntie always cooked with love. Finally, I would like to give a personal opinion about each teacher. Sachin: It was fascinating to learn yoga from the source, from someone that practice since his childhood. I think you transmit really well the Indian yoga style. Shara: I consider you are an excellent teacher. I can appreciate you love your work, and this is a key for students to learn. You transmit very well your passion for yoga. I find you are really honest and sincere. Guru Ji: I really enjoy your classes. You are really interesting with your stories and always trying to make jokes to make the class easy. Guru Ji is a loving person and a good teacher: honest, sincere, patient, and humble. I really appreciate the time for making questions he always offers us.

Carolina Meridian


Svenja Adamek Germany

I just came home from my 200-hour YTT in Varkala. Being full of impressions and inspirations I am deeply thankful for that special time and the Yoga family I found there! Next to helping me grow my own practice and my teaching skills, Shara and Sachin supported my personal growth. Shara is always doing a great job organizing everything, which I already noticed during our first emails before the course. I admire her positive attitude, her lightness, and her shining. Very special was getting to know and being taught by Guru Ji. His knowledge, wisdom and humanity were impressive to me. Last but not least the beautiful surroundings in Varkala were ideal for the training.

Zana Van Dorp New Zealand

I was searching for many months looking for a YTT, and Suddha Anand yoga shala caught my eye instantly. I couldn’t be any happier with what I gained from Shara, Sachin & Guruji. A wealth of knowledge and complete confidence in teaching my own yoga class. The sattvic vegetarian meals were delicious, and the ashram was a gem hidden away in the trees yet only a 5-minute walk to the beach! The rooms were comfortable, and the yoga shala was soo peaceful! Guruji was a one-of-a-kind guru with such a great sense of humor and was filled with wisdom. Shara and Sachin were very professional and passionate about Yoga and the yogic way of living. During the lunch breaks, we were given a lot of freedom to do as we wish.

Suddha Anand Yogshala was a truly life-affirming experience. You don’t always think that when you’re in your twentieth downward dog of the day and your cravings for home comforts are pouring out of your pores. You are in bed by 10 and up before dawn, and as your sweeping the Sharla and setting up space for your Guru, you often question what it is your doing. An hour of pranayama, an hour and half of ashtanga vinyasa; holding, breathing, lengthening, reflecting…and all this before breakfast. Teaching technique, anatomy, philosophy, asana, meditation, self-study, sleep, and then all over again…Then you look deep into yourself using techniques that have been taught, and you see why you are here. You don’t see an end as this is just the beginning of a wonderful, adventurous journey into the true discovery of yoga. What Suddha Anand Yogshala teaches and encourages is self-awareness. A strong and steady platform of knowledge and information that you yourself can nurture and grow from. The basics, the fundamentals. You. Your breath. Your body. Your heart. What you bring will determine your experience here and what will shape you as a teacher and a more rounded student of yoga. If you’re looking for western teaching with western comforts, stay at home and do teaching training at your local yoga studio. Or, indeed, find a course in India that offers western-style teaching that you may already be familiar with. If, however, you are looking to delve deep into the eastern ways (with, of course, some western influences), then this is the course for you. Don’t expect washing machines, hot showers, a fixed timetable, or spoon-feeding. Do expect, however, fantastic teaching, self-guidance, sunshine, sea, incredible home-cooked food, knowledge, strength, stories, and an experience you will never forget. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. Maria Gray 2017.

Maria Gray

Claudia Bidder, Germany

I had the chance to do the TTC in November 2016 in Kerala, and I felt fortunate to have picked Suddha Anand among so many other options offered on the internet. The setting was elementary, but the nice food, as well as the wonderful beaches walking distance away, made the one-month stay very comfortable. The teaching was the perfect combination of Eastern and Western influence, open-mindedness yet great control of students to avoid injuries, physically demanding, yet the presence of a gentle yin touch. This course has kept me motivated to keep practicing daily ever since!

Charlotte G, UK

I had one of the most amazing months of my life at the Suddha Anand Yogshala in Varkala! Shara and Sachin have recently set up in their new wonderful location of Varkala. The ashram is beautiful and the perfect place to do your yoga teacher training course. Shara and Sachin are incredible people who make you believe you can succeed in what you are doing and make you feel very at home whilst the Ashram. I could not recommend this place enough to those considering doing their TTC. Whatever level you are in your own yoga practice, you will be guided to achieve your goals. Thank you, Shara and Sachin, for a wonderful month.

Spending a month working with Satchin, Shara, and Yogiji was undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The shala is set on the beautiful coastline in tranquil surroundings. The course provided me with huge insight into the theoretical understanding of yoga. Also, it allowed me to develop my practice through intensive practical sessions, which covered a range of styles, including Ashtanga, Hatha, and Yin. Becoming comfortable with both my body and others when making adjustments was priceless. One of the most exciting and fulfilling elements was the non-western approach, with teachings on Indian philosophy that spanned a huge breadth of knowledge, giving clearer meaning to the roots of yoga, how it has developed, and why it is relevant for us in the modern world. The insight and passion that Satchin and Shara gave to us have enabled me to improve my skillset and fully embrace what a good teacher being is all about the vital qualities and the impact that a brilliant instructor has can make. Since completing my YTT, I have taken many lessons that we were taught back with me and continue to use them daily. By creating a safe environment to learn, Satchin and Shara allow you to deepen your knowledge of yoga whilst holding a mirror up to yourself. In doing so, I have developed something extraordinary. A terrific course, balanced with first-class teaching, self-study, and a unique traditional Indian approach. 10/10.


Robert Welling

Lucien Mourad, Switzerland

I have spent 2 weeks practicing yoga in Suddha Anand Yogshala. It was incredible. Shara and Sachin are very competent and passionate teachers. They made me progress so much into my yoga practice. They are really professional and dedicated to yoga!

The ashram is located in a tranquil place, out of the tourist area. The food was excellent too. I can recommend this place to anyone who wants to go deeper into his practice of Yoga or to attend the Teacher Training Course.

Charlotte G, UK

I can thank Shara and Sachin for being such amazing teachers. I have learned so much in this last month. They have passion for what they do, and they share their enthusiasm. Also, thank you to GuruJi, an excellent teacher and person.

The ashram is so nice, the classes are so good, and the environment in Varkala can be better. Low risk of injuries doing classes with them, as they explain all in detail. I totally recommended the school for the training.

I did my 200 hr YTT October 2016 in Suddha Anand Yogshala (Varkala).

Since I contacted them, I could feel they are warm and kind people.

I am so happy about choosing them. I love their teaching methodology: you learn step by step from the basics. I have learned a lot about adjustment and healthy posture. They always treat the body carefully and with love, so you never force your own body.

Shara and Sachin are patients, supportive, and a good listener. Guru Ji is adorable, and I have never met someone like him, So spend time with him is a good chance for learning. He has a lot of knowledge about philosophy and yoga, and he transmits everything with happiness.

It has been a wonderful experience for me. At the end of the course, I could put all my knowledge together, and everything was.

I highly recommend this ashram. And if you have any questions as a future student, don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy to help!”

hanne jun

Jennifer, USA

My experience at Suddha Anand Yogshala was better than I could have ever dreamed. Shara was available to answer all of my questions before I arrived. I felt very comfortable and at home quickly upon arrival. Varkala is a beautiful little beach town that was relaxed, and the beach is gorgeous and close. The food was delicious at the ashram, and I loved trying all of the Indian dishes and fresh juices in the morning. The teacher training was challenging and inspiring. I have left with so much new knowledge and improved yoga practice. The philosophy, meditation, pranayama, and anatomy aspects of the training were constructive and interesting. I especially liked the philosophy classes, learning the history, and further understanding yoga as a whole. I highly recommend this program to anyone! Not only a great ashram location and a great program, but it’s run by such genuinely nice people that make you feel like family.

kelly, UK

I traveled to Rishikesh with my girlfriend, who attended a yoga teacher training program at a nearby Suddha Anand Yogshala. I was a beginner to yoga and therefore didn’t feel comfortable attending a full TTC program, but I really did want to emerge myself in the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa. I contacted Shara and set up a time to meet for a private class. I was so impressed with the class that I booked 2 private classes per day for 14 days! Shara led me through the ashtanga vinyasa primary series when others told me it was impossible. My body had limitations (because I was a beginner). However, she showed me modifications for every posture to safely practice the sequence while safely opening and becoming comfortable. I learned so much over the two weeks, and my practice transformed. My girlfriend was so impressed with my progress, so she too came to a few group classes led by Sachin. I have no hesitation recommending Suddha Anand Yogshala.

This month has been an exciting experience. It brought many new ideas and pointed me to so many possible new journeys and projects. I learned a lot, the environment was perfect, and the course was great. Thanks, Sachin and Shara, for your yoga and help. Thanks, Sanjiv, for your insight. Thanks, Radi, for the food. Thanks to all the group for being there and making it such a nice experience

I searched different choices/places for 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in India and sent some emails back and forth with three different schools. I never thought I would end up in Rishikesh. Still, even the emails and discussions with Suddha Anand yoga shala were so warm-hearted and incredibly nice that I ended up doing my training with them in Rishikesh. And I’m so happy I got to experience something unique with Shara, Sachin, Guru Ji, and Kushal and, of course, with my fellow students.

The month was very demanding mentally. But Shara and Sachin supported me all along, and because they trusted in me, I could also trust myself and remained as focused and calm as I could in that situation. They really made me feel like I’m part of the family. And are really two beautiful and loving souls. I’m so grateful and happy that I picked Suddha Anand Yogshala for my teacher training.

I can truly highly recommend Suddha Anand Yogshala for teacher training. You can experience something truly amazing with them.

Marina Montiel

Martine, Germany

I attended a teacher training in Rishikesh at another school nearby Suddha Anand Yogshala, but I was not enjoying the experience. A friend from my class told me her boyfriend was attending classes with Shara, and she suggested I book a few private classes. So, I did. After my first class with Shara, I decided my limited time in India would be better spent studying privately with share, so I booked 1.5 weeks of private classes. Shara’s teaching style is wonderful. She is so patient and caring and seems to understand my body better than I do! She taught me a great amount about hatha yoga and the art of sequencing. I highly recommend this school to everyone, and I’m so happy someone recommended I visit! I am now teaching yoga classes for adolescent girls with disabilities, and they are very much enjoying the classes.

Mike, Austria

The program is very challenging but so rewarding. I learned a lot about yoga, and that yoga is not the only asana. There are many limbs of yoga, and we need to practice and incorporate all limbs to really practice yoga and feel the peace of yoga.

Sachin has been teaching me the ashtanga vinyasa primary series (Mysore style) for over one year. I travel a lot, and whenever I am in India, I visit Suddha Anand Yogshala. Sachin is a brilliant teacher. He pushes me to my limit but has taught me to play on the edge and always respect my body. He focuses deeply on alignment, and his hands-on adjustments are powerful. I am grateful for all his teachings and will continue to attend his classes (in Rishikesh and Varkala) whenever I’m in India.

I attended the TTC in Rishikesh in October, and it was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. When I first decided to go to India, I had no clue which school I would choose as there is such a multitude of them, and unless you have a personal recommendation, it is not an easy choice.

I started reading the reviews for each school, and when it came to Suddha Anand yoga, I got a real positive vibe from it, so I decided to follow my gut instinct and sign up for their 200 h YTT. The description of Shara was very accurate. She is accommodating and responds to all your queries within few hours, she is lovely and gentle, and her passion for yoga and the yogi philosophy is contagious. Once I arrived in Rishikesh, both she and Sachin were accommodating. The course is well structured and focuses not only on the practice of Astanga and Hatha Yoga but also on the whole Yogi philosophy, on the body anatomy, the pranayama, and daily meditation sessions of the schedule. It goes without saying how much I learned during my stay there, and it was an incredible spiritual journey that has set some solid foundations for a strong development of my yoga practice and a more balanced life.

Compared to other schools in Rishikesh that I know can have 40+ students, I enjoyed being in a small group as it allowed us to have better access to each teacher and learn more effectively. I must say the whole course was quite intense as you only get a day off per week, but it didn’t feel like a sacrifice because I was doing something I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to Shara’s and Sachin’s backgrounds, we learned and absorbed the eastern and western approaches to yoga, which is extremely helpful to implement when you head back to the western world after such a spiritual experience.

I recommend this course to whoever wishes to improve their yoga practice or set the foundations for a career as a yoga instructor. Namaste!



Didier, France

Mishra Ji was our pranayama yoga teacher. Through his experience and knowledge, he was able to teach us a large part of the pranayama techniques and their effect on the body. He shared with us his long experience of practicing yoga and gave us a lot of tips to apply the techniques to ourselves. A very charismatic man. It’s a great privilege for me to be in his course.

Matt Oregon USA

I spent an amazing month learning Pranayam at the Suddha Anand Yogshala. I had dreamt of finding a perfect teacher before I went, and I love that my dreams were realized. The Studio is perfect, and the teachers are amazing. Highly recommend this to anyone attending the amazing town of Rishikesh. And if you get a chance to meet the cat, I highly recommend that as well…but be careful you will fall in love, deeply in love…