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Ayurveda, or the ‘knowledge of life”, is an ancient Indian medical system derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘Ayu,’ meaning life, and ‘Veda,’ translating to knowledge. This is a holistic approach to treating bodily ailments stressing complete mental, physical and spiritual harmony.

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

It starts by understanding the elemental energies that compose everything in this universe, including us. 

  • Explore the energy of the five elements; how they exist in nature and within us.
  • Explore the Doshas, learn about your unique constitution and how that influences your physical, mental, and emotional being
  • Learn about the importance of having an intense digestive fire, also known as Agni 
  • Learn what to eat and what to avoid so that you honor your energetic makeup 
  • Learn lifestyle recommendations and daily and seasonal routines that are best for your Dosha
  • Explore the Spiritual side of Ayurveda 

Balance mind & body and reap the rewards of optimal health 

In this foundations course, you’ll learn how to implement diet, lifestyle, and spiritual practices to improve your well-being.


Principles of Ayurveda

Harmonize mind, body, & spirit

  • Explore yourself on an energetic level
  • Practice all-natural disease prevention & management
  • Integrate the sister sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda 

When you discover about yourself from an Ayurvedic POV, you can’t help but function with more mindfulness about how your choices will impact your mind, body, and spirit.  

What’s Included In The Course…

ARE YOU Ready To Take Control of Your Health?

This course will teach you everything you need to mindfully start implementing diet & lifestyle choices that will positively impact your future health. With a simple shift in mindset and implementing Yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, you can start living the healthiest life ever.

Module `

Introduction to The History & Philosophy of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, one of the most ancient healing systems, has been practiced in Kerala for hundreds of years. At Suddha Anand Yogshala, Ayurveda is practiced with complete dedication.  

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • History & Philosophy of Ayurveda
  • Three Pillars of Ayurveda
  • The 3 Universal Qualities

You’ll finish this course with a sound understanding of how this ancient holistic medical system came into existence and the key concepts that make it so unique.

Module 2

Introduction to the 5 Elements

Everything in this universe is created from these five elements; everything, including us.

  • Explore the characteristics of the five elemental energies as they exist in nature 
  • Explore the characteristics of individuals dominated by one of the elemental energies and how this appears in life, work, love, and their place in society.
  • Learn which energies support and control one another and how we can achieve balance

Module 3

Introduction to The Three Doshas

A combination of each element results in the three doshas, known as Vata, pitta, and Kapha. These doshas are responsible for a person’s physiological, mental, and emotional health

  • Explore Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in great depth and detail
  • Explore other dosha combinations that exist
  • Assess your own prakriti and vrikruti
  • Explore the Doshas as they correspond to the stages of life

Module 4

Ayurvedic Approach to Nutrition

From an ayurvedic perspective, the secret to good health is twofold; one must have strong Agni & eat a wholesome, nutritious diet that honors their dosha.  

Explore the Ayurvedic approach to nutrition 

  • Learn about the importance of having an intense digestive fire and the risks associated with not having strong Agni 
  • Learn about the different types of Agni based upon the dosha characteristics
  • Explore the six different tastes and stages of digestion associated with the tastes
  • Learn about the foods each dosha should favor and those they should avoid maintaining balance in mind and body

Explore a variety of other concepts that are critical elements on the journey toward understanding Ayurveda; the knowledge of life

  • Explore the 16 Srotas and the 7 Dhatus
  • Learn about the importance of daily & seasonal routines and specific practices we should implement to ensure better health
  • Explore the various Yogic practices (asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra) that are ideal for each dosha
  • Explore the spiritual side of Ayurveda; The three Gunas, the three universal qualities, and the five koshas

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“I honestly can’t stop watching the lectures; I find this course incredibly fascinating!! Shara is a lovely teacher and the delivery is excellent.”

– M. Roderick

” I really like the personal stories of the teacher, it makes it very much more natural and authentic, believable. I really appreciate it. “

– K. Valdez

“I feel like now that I know my constitution, ideal diet, and lifestyle recommendations, there’s a clear path for me to follow. I look forward to implementing everything that I’ve learned. Thank you for sharing this course. “

– S. Singh

Shara Turner


Shara has long been passionate about exploring the benefits of yoga and Ayurveda for healing and enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Shara has been a keen yoga practitioner since 2003, teaching yoga in India since 2012, and in 2015 founded Suddha Anand Yogshala, in Rishikesh & Varkala India – offering yoga teacher training courses in the areas of Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Advanced Yoga & Ayurveda, and now Prenatal Yoga.

Shara became incredibly passionate about Ayurveda and Yoga therapy after she experienced profound healing (after incorporating both elements into her life), on 3 separate occasions. These life changing experiences motivated her to dive deeply into study and exploration and she has been sharing this knowledge with others ever since….. continue reading

Yoga Teacher Sahra


The Principles of Ayurveda: Part One

This course is appropriate for anyone who would like to learn about the ancient, holistic system that teaches us how, by aligning ourselves with nature, we can become happier, healthier, and more peaceful.

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